Available now are personal channels using my connection to the Fairy realm as well as the Mineral realm. There is a wealth of mystical, magical information coming through these sources appropriate to you individually in the moment. I am in constant awe at what comes through and how appropriate the information can be using my intuition as well as the Fairy and Crystal cards as guides.

For your own private session please contact me at 928-300-6011

Or via email at thecrystalgardenfairy@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you…..Linda Shaylor Cooper

The price for a 1 hour
channels is $80/hr.

I am also offering three 1 hour channels for $200.

Here are some comments from ones who have asked for a personal channel:

"Thank you so much for the fabulous reading and conversation. Thank you so so much for stepping forward with the beauty of your experiences!"

Thank you Leslie

"The work that you are doing is part of the larger plan of integrating many dimensions of consciousness to assist humanity in becoming whole and connected to the ONE Consciousness. They want to help, too."

Thank you Jeanette

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