There are infinite combinations that can be joined in many ways to facilitate healing. Embracing these beautiful beings into your environment and into your life is an uplifting experience.

Crystalscapes are priced accordingly by the individual pieces selected. Shipping and handling according to size and weight.

Rose Quartz: The carrier of the love vibration. 

It can help in reminding us that love can heal our life and that the divine always loves us. Open to rose quartz and open your heart to releasing your pain. It soothes and nurtures the emotional body and helps you become more trusting of your own loving ability.

Amethyst: Represents and embodies Divine Connection with your higher self, your guides and teachers. The energy of the stone clears the path for light information to come through. We strengthen our connection by acknowledging and acting upon the guidance. Amethyst is known as the meditation stone.

Clear Quartz: Carries the energy of clarity as it clears and amplifies ones thoughts. It assists in becoming a vessel for the light. It will reflect and amplify any energy it is exposed to. By calming and quieting your mind, then concentrating on one single thought, you can program the crystal with the specific energy of your thought. It is considered the universal stone. It can energize, balance, and clear.  

A view of the many kinds of minerals available for creating your individual Crystalscapes.

Information sourced from “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall

Crystals have fascinated us since the first caveman bent to pick one up. The Bible contains countless references to gemstones, and various gems were mounted in precise arrangements in the breastplates of high priests. Early Greek scholars made much of the mathematical perfection of crystals and gave them names to crystalline shapes – tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and so on (hedron means face). Who could have guessed back then that diamonds, the hardest of all minerals, are made from carbon graphite, one of the softest of all materials.  

Crystal Phenomena Powers our World

Scientists, mathematicians and great thinkers like Da Vinci, Kelper, Pythagoras and Plato have all delved deeply into the nature of crystals, and the scientific poking and prodding continues today with extraordinary discoveries at every turn. Indeed, without crystals, communications, computers and the Internet would not be possible. Now it seems likely that the solid iron core of our planet is a huge hexagonal crystal, heavier than the moon, spinning at 1,000 miles and hour! 

What crystal mysteries remain undiscovered we can only guess. The so-called dark matter comprising the largest percentage of mass in the universe has never been seen or measured, but its existence is a mathematical certainty. Could crystals focus such energies? It seems probable that the uniformity of a crystal’s lattice structure can selectively purify energies.

 Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of orienting objects to promote a healthy flow of chi (energy), postulates that balance and harmony in one’s environment can be greatly enhanced by adding, removing or rearranging objects.

Crystals as Tools

The metaphysical aspect of the universe – spirit, feeling, intuition, meditation – are all components of an unseen world that we try to affect with unseen processes.  Crystals may well be the bridge between the metaphysical and the physical worlds – gateways to move between the two: tools to directly affect the ethereal aspects of life. 

Just as colors and music can evoke various moods, the insertion of crystal dynamics into our personal dynamics can have profound effects. Books on the subject can be confusing and even contradictory. So in this all-important, life altering process it helps to have a guide.

Putting the Tools to Use

For many, crystals are simply fascinating decorations. Some think of them as “jewels for the home”. Or geological curiosities – conversation pieces for the coffee table. But for others, the affinity they feel for certain crystals may signal an area of energy disturbance that is moderated by those very crystals. If you are among the latter, it is use full to make an inventory of your life situation – relationships, health, happiness, harmony, prosperity and so on. And not only what you have, but what you feel is missing. Is there a balance, or an equality of yin and yang, as it’s known in Asian Metaphysics. In the metaphysical sense transmutation may be thought of as “spiritual alchemy” by means of which baser energies are transformed into finer, more focused energies.

 The Crystal Garden Fairy provides a range of services to homeowners, interior designers and corporations. These include consultations, customized displays – Crystalscapes” – to match décor or for transmutatuion and re-channeling of personal and business dynamics. 

Somewhat like the charka energy centers of the human body there are strategic locations in a residence or a place of business that benefit from crystal “therapy”. Entries or foyers, bedrooms, family rooms, conference rooms and anywhere creativity or finances are the central focus.  

One-of-a-Kind Specimens   

Nature is both the ultimate alchemist and artist. From a vast palette of mineral ingredients, it mixes, shapes and forms with heat and pressure crystals of unbelievable beauty. Many of these will test the definition of perfection. Beneath your feet, resting deep within the Earth and awaiting our discovery, are masterworks of crystal sculpture. 

There are very few collectors with discriminating sensibility of The Crystal Garden Fairy. We are constantly looking at and acquiring crystals of exceptional quality. You can view some of these one-of-a-kind Crystalscapes that have been created for clients at Contact us for a consultation creating your personalized crystal combinations.
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