Nature Spirits and Fairies have become an increasingly common topic. Embracing the Spirit of Nature will invite you into a world of magic few have experienced by sharing actual photography of Fairies, Gnomes and More.

Embracing the Spirit of Nature will alter how you experience nature and how you can directly impact the life in all of nature’s elements. This book will draw attention to nature spirits that have likely never been seen before that surround and support us in our daily life.

This book offers a unique opportunity to view actual raw photography of Nature Spirits, dialogs with the Nature Spirits and ways to communicate and receive guidance from them.

We have inspired your guide Linda Shaylor Cooper with the idea of finding us through the lens of her camera as well as dialoging with her telepathically. Her life long passion and desire to know and work with us has led her to create a photographic and written journey for you to experience us and realize that we are all around you supporting your physical reality. 

Our amazing Earth Mother is showing her distress wanting us to come together in love and harmony to support her through these times of shifting realities. It is up to all of the kingdoms to co-create with her to bring in the predicted outcome of a thousand years of light on the planet. We can accomplish this through taking personal responsibility on all levels, by letting go of fear, embracing love and holding the space of gratitude. The time is now.

As you journey through the pages of Embracing the Spirit of Nature open your senses and your mind to seeing in a whole new way. Your perception will be forever changed and you will be activated into the realm of the Nature Spirits.
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